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Underground Hydrogen Storage

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August 10, 10 am in Berlin, 1 am in Los Angeles, 5 pm in Tokyo

Underground hydrogen storage is the cheapest way to store huge amounts of hydrogen safely – and probably also the cheapest way to store large amounts of clean energy in the long termthereby enabling monthly and seasonal balancing of fluctuating renewable energy generation.

However, while underground natural gas storage systems (e.g. in depleted gas reservoir) have been state of the art for decades, underground hydrogen storage is still in the R&D phase. Experts are sure it can be done, but there is little practical experience.

One of the few companies with real-world experience and the only one in Europe dealing with renewable energy storage in depleted porous reservoirs  is RAG Austria AG.
They are the  largest Austrian natural gas storage company and one of the largest energy storage companies in Europe. Since 2013, RAG has successfully completed several projects where they have injected hydrogen into existing porous gas storage reservoirs, performed field and laboratory test series to make sure the geological formations as well as surface facilities can handle up to 100% of hydrogen and validated the hydrogen compatibility of the materials involved.

Short summary of the project results: No showstoppers yet..

In this webinar, Markus Pichler, the lead subsurface engineer, will talk about ongoing and future projects, the key learnings and further research which is needed to make seasonal storage of renewable energy in porous reservoirs viable.

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  • Markus Pichler

    Reservoir Engineer, Subsurface Energy Storage, RAG Austria AG

  • Dr. David Wenger

    Webinar Host, Founder, Mission Hydrogen GmbH

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