The Business Builder’s Toolkit: A practical handbook for business lead

About The Webinar

Whether you're at the beginning of building your business, have spent years toiling with your entrepreneurial dream or are part of a bigger machine where ‘leadership’ is your responsibility, there are parts of every profession that we just aren’t prepared for. It's not personal, it's just business...

The Business Builder’s Toolkit is the very best of the hugely successful  SME Toolkit newsletter from Daily Maverick - created in 2020 by Nic Haralambous at the beginning of the Covid crisis.  With his no BS approach, Haralambous’ insights debunk commonly-held business myths and offer practical advice on how to overcome the inevitable hurdles facing leaders in the workplace.

In a live webinar brought to you by Maverick451, Daily Maverick's book publishing division, join Daily Maverick CEO Styli Charalambous as he unpacks a new guide for business leaders with author and entrepreneur, Nic Haralambous.

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