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Learn How to Melt Silent Pain, Anxiety and Trauma Out of Your Pet's Life With the Whole Energy Body Balance Method (Simple, Easy to Learn, and Highly Effective!)

Want to make your pet's day? Come and join Dr Edward's regular FREE Whole Energy Body Balance Fundamantals online training/practice sessions!

Some dogs get overexcited, won't listen, or are anxious. Separation anxiety, phobias, reactivity, and a range of undesired behaviours (like not listening to commands, jumping on people, or showing aggression) are very common, especially in rescue dogs who have a history of trauma/abuse/neglect. An anxious or over-excited dog is an unhappy dog!

I have found by working hands-on with thousands of pets over 23 years in practice as a holistic vet that healing bodywork can lead to significant healing from all kinds of anxiety, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), and over-arousal issues (out of control dogs, dogs who jump all over people etc.). The Whole Energy Body Balance method (WEBB) empowers you to heal and calm your pets with loving touch. WEBB is simple and easy to learn for all pet parents. 

​​​​​​​I'd expect you to see significant improvement in your pets behaviour if you learn and practice the three skills I teach you in these free WEBB fundamentals training/practice sessions.

​​​​​​​I should charge $99 for each of these free sessions. At least! You'll be learning three of the most important, most valuable skills I teach in my advanced Whole Energy Body Balance online trainings. 

But guess what? You'll be getting a free ticket to these sessions every two weeks for $0. Free. Gratis! Nada!

If you want to make your pet's day, please register now. You'll learn how to ease your pet's silent pain, anxiety, trauma, and overexcited behaviour with WEBB loving touch. 

PS- 53% of pets suffer silent pain their human's can't see! WEBB helps ease silent pain. 

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  • WEBB Somatic embodiment + energy connection.  This one is for you, the human. You'll learn how to bring more of your awareness into your body, and how to sense + connect with the natural flow of Chi through your body so you can connect this through to your pets.

  • WEBB Somatic Relaxation technique. This is a simple every day hands-on/loving touch skill  from the advanced WEBB Bodywork for Pets online training. SRT causes a deep somatic (body level) relaxation response in your pets. 

  • WEBB Colourwork. This is a simple ( powerfully effective) energy healing skill from the advanced WEBb Energywork for Animals online training. WEBB Colourwork can be applied to help your pets in any situation.

  • Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte BVSc (The Healing Vet)

    Holistic vet and gounder of the Whole Energy Body Balance Method

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