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Increase your simulated placement hours with OMS

About the Webinar

Join us on Wednesday 29th, November at 3 pm (GMT) as Oxford Medical Simulation and Northumbria University discuss how they are using VR to support nurses in their simulated placement hours.

During the webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why Northumbria University ran a simulated placement programme

    Why Northumbria chose VR to support their simulated placement programme and how they measure success.

  • How they obtained NMC approval

    How Northumbria worked with the NMC to ensure simulated placement hours were officially validated and approved. 

  • How you can use VR to run your own simulated placement programme

    Barbara, Laura and Claire will then share details and advice for other institutions looking to embark on the same journey.

  • Jess McGahan

    Head of Customer Success at OMS

  • Barbara Davies

    Associate Professor / Head of Education Nursing, Midwifery and Health

  • Laura Park

    Assistant Professor in Adult Nursing

  • Claire Ford

    Assistant Professor

  • James Wade

    Faculty Director of Practice Placements & Assistant Professor, Adult Nursing

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