6 Secrets To A Happy Retirement Web Class

About The 6 Secrets Web Class:

There's more to retirement than just how much money you've saved - in fact, once the money 'stuff' is planned out, you should turn your focus on how you will fill your newfound free time!

With decades of experience coaching thousands of aspiring retirees transition successfully into retirement, Andie & Rob have discovered that their happiest clients share some common habits - they call them the '6 Secrets'.  To save you time and frustration...Andie & Rob share the 'Big 6' during this web class as they carefully and expertly step through each of these 6 Secrets to a Happy Retirement!

During this web class you will learn things like:

  • Living life to the fullest

    is possible when you include this 1 often-overlooked component to your retirement plans. You can't enjoy your wealth without it!

  • Discovering a new sense of purpose

    can help you rediscover a zest for life, which many retirees lose after leaving the workplace. We will discuss how you can find your 'next thing'.

  • Building new brain connections

    to keep you young, vibrant, and thirsty for more! This 1 life skill is critical to your happiness in retirement!

  • Rob Russell

    CEO, Russell Total Wealth & Wellness

  • Andrea Doller

    Senior Wealth Advisor, Russell Total Wealth & Wellness

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