Hydrogen for Trains

Free Webinar
​​​​​​​June 29, 2022 - 4 pm in Berlin, 7 am in LA, 11 pm in Tokyo

Hydrogen has the potential to replace diesel as a fuel for trains, especially for long distances.

The gas company Linde has just built the world's largest hydrogen refueling station for trains in northern Germany in collaboration with a local railway company. With a capacity of 1,600 kg of hydrogen per day, the station can fill up to 14 trains. The range of the trains is then 1,000 km.

In this webinar, Alexander Zörner from Linde and Maximilian von Bose from Alstom will present why hydrogen can be a good fuel for trains, how train refueling works, and what boundary conditions are needed for hydrogen to be attractive compared to diesel or batteries.

As always, you will have the opportunity to get answers to your questions from the experts during the Q&A.

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Partners: Germany Trade and Invest GTAINOW GmbH

  • Alexander Zörner

    Project Leader for Hydrogen Applications, Linde GmbH

  • Maximilian von Bose

    Business Development Manager, ALSTOM

  • Dr. David Wenger

    Webinar Host | Founder, Mission Hydrogen

  • Linde GmbH


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