FREE workshop by Tori Dunlap,
Founder and CEO of Her First $100K

​​​​​​​Stop Emotional Spending: How to Spend Mindfully and Start Saving

Tell me if this is you.

After just making a purchase, you were hit with a wave of regret, realizing you once again caved to impulse buying. 
Or maybe you get to the end of the month, and you wonder — where the hell did all my money go?

You don't have to stop spending money. You just have to stop impulsively buying shit you don't care about.

That's where I come in.

In this FREE workshop, you'll learn all of the tools and strategies to start spending according to your values and actually start saving money once and for all.

About The Workshop

In this hour, you will learn how to stop emotional spending while still enjoying the purchases you love.  No more shame, no more judgment.  You can expect to learn:

  • How your emotions are sabatoging your goals and what to do about it

  • How to find balance between spending and saving

  • My #1 tip for loving your purchases again

  • The ultimate hacks to resist the "add to cart" tempation

  • The savings strategy that has helped millions of women

  • Tori Dunlap

    Host and Money Expert

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