Video Podcast:
​​​​​​​Teaching Elementary Math:
​​​​​​​No More Problems with Problem Solving

Supporting students to think mathematically is challenging. In this video podcast, we will examine high-cognitive demand tasks and deepen our understanding of how to choose rigorous tasks that promote problem-solving skills. We will also explore how being linguistically responsive can help students to be more successful problem solvers. You will leave this session with immediate ways to enhance your instruction of problem solving.


  • Kit Norris, M.A.

    Kit Norris is a mathematics consultant specializing in teachers’ professional growth and development. Kit served on the Board of Directors of NCSM and has written books on mathematical practices, and has developed products for elementary through middle school. Kit received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics, and in 2015, she was inducted into the Mathematics Educators Hall of Fame in Massachusetts. She is a frequent speaker at national, regional, and local conferences.

  • Hilary Kreisberg, Ed.D. 

    Dr. Hilary Kreisberg is the director of the Center for Mathematics Achievement and an assistant professor of mathematics education at Lesley University. Dr. Kreisberg was previously a K–5 math coach and an elementary educator and has a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership and Curriculum Development, a Master of Arts degree in Teaching and Special Education, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics. An award-winning author, Dr. Kreisberg has been featured in multiple respected publications including the Wall Street Journal and Education Weekly. She is the president of the Boston Area Math Specialists organization, a national ambassador for the Global Math Project, and is a frequent national, regional, and local speaker.

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