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​​​​​​​Find out about investing in Cityzenith, a Digital Twin company using AI technology that is delivering huge value, savings and benefits for the construction, energy, transport & infrastructure sectors.​​​​​​​

    • Join over 5000 investors
      Cityzenith has raised over $2.8m via its $15m Regulation A+ crowdfunding raise this year, as well as $11m since inception. Over 5,000 investors have joined Cityzenith in less than two years.  The founder delivered 17x return to early investor on his last venture with Sequoia Capital. Find out more about how shareholders have seen a 161% increase in the share price value. Learn more about a unique opportunity to trade Cityzenith shares on a secondary market ATS - the first of it's kind in the US for non-listed private companies.

    • Digital Twin AI Technology Market To Explode
      Markets & Markets estimates that the Digital Twin market will grow from $3.1 billion in 2020 to $48.2 billion per year by 2026, at an annual CAGR of 58%. Cityzenith has been named as a major player in this exploding market alongside global names such as Siemens, Microsoft and Bentley. Digital Twin's named in the Top 5 Tech Growth Sectors for the next 5 years
    • Recent Contract Wins
      Cityzenith have signed $4.6m worth of international commercial contracts this year. Plus over $11m of additional recurring sales pipeline. One of these contracts is linked to a plan for Digital Twins and Energy Services that could deliver recurring revenues for the next decade 

    • Major media coverage and recognition
      Cityzenith has received huge attention in the past year, having been recently featured in the likes of Forbes, BBC, INC Magazine, Cities Today, Market Insider, Morning Star, Informed Infrastructure, Bloomberg, and Smart Cities World.  The company has also been recognised international over the last 2 years winning numerous awards for its AI technology platform​​​​​​​
    • Our Objective - Clean Cities, Clean Future
      We are using our AI Digital Twin platform SmartWorldOS™ software to drive down carbon emissions and deliver our ‘Clean Cities – Clean Future’ vision as part of the international ‘Race to Zero’.  Construction and major infrastructure is seeing huge finiancial upsides from the use of this technology, in cost savings, efficiencies and greatly reduced delays on projects.
    • World Economic Forum Top 100  Global Innovator 2021
      WEF has recognised Cityzenith as one of the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups – at the forefront of technology and business model innovation. 

  • Michael Jansen

    Founder and CEO of Cityzenith

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