Our Burning Planet webinar supported by Absa

Tuesday, 16 November at 7pm SAST

Battleground Antarctica

Join climate journalist Tiara Walters and New Zealand-based specialist on Antarctic governance Prof Alan Hemmings as they unpack the latest international investigation uncovering Russia’s large-scale combing of the Southern Ocean for oil and gas.

We hope to see you there as our esteemed panelists help us know more, know better. Scroll down to learn more about the discussants. 

Important points to consider before the discussion...

  • The Antarctic Treaty churns out top climate science — while also letting the rich and powerful probe Earth’s last unmined frontier for Southern Ocean fossil fuels

  • Cape Town is used as a key logistics port to search for supergiant oil fields in the Antarctic, despite South Africa incorporating a climate response into its new Antarctic strategy

  • Controversially, six decades into Antarctic Treaty governance, a liability clause protecting Antarctica against environmental emergencies has yet to be ratified by all treaty nations

  • The Antarctic Treaty reserves an entire continent for peace and science, yet all sorts of questionable activities have been laundered through the treaty's "freedom of scientific investigation" cornerstone, from Japan's currently halted "scientific" whaling programme through to ongoing fossil fuel research

  • Tiara Walters

    Climate Journalist

  • Daily Maverick

    Webinar Host

  • Professor Alan Hemmings

    Antarctic Governance Specialist

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