Mission Hydrogen GmbH​​​​​​​
Hydrogen in the glass production industry

Live Webinar (English)
Start: May 18, 2022, 16:00 CEST

Green hydrogen offers potential to cut emissions in energy-intensive glass production. Moreover, innovative products based on specialty glass help to increase safety & efficiency from H2 generation to end use: Sealing glasses for SOEC and SOFC can withstand harsh conditions and support durability and efficiency of the stacks. Glass-to-metal sealed feedthroughs allow safe pass-through of electrical and optical signals to submerged electrical pumps, in-tank sensors or P2X bioreactors.

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Kristina Gruber is the Project Manager of SCHOTT’s hydrogen initiative.

Dr. Jens Suffner leds the global Business Development for sealing glasses for Solid Oxide Electrolyzer and Fuel Cells (SOEC/SOFC).

Thomas Göttlinger is responsible for the worldwide sales of electrical feedthroughs used for cryogenic applications, such as electrical submerged pumps for LNG and LPG.

Ulrich Dirr is the responsible Application Manager for large-scale feedthroughs for energy applications, with a strong expertise in the area of hydrogen.

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Partners: Germany Trade and Invest GTAINOW GmbH

  • Get insights into SCHOTT's activities in the hydrogen eco-system (including the use of green hydrogen as heat source for glass melting)

  • Learn how speciality glass helps to improve safety and efficiency along the hydrogen value chain

  • Discover the key advantages of specialty glass-based components for hydrogen applications

  • Kristina Gruber

    SCHOTT AG | Strategy & Business Development Manager

  • Jens Suffner

    SCHOTT AG | Sales Manager Glass

  • Thomas Göttlinger

    SCHOTT AG | Director Sales for liquefied gas applications

  • Ulrich Dirr

    SCHOTT AG | Application Manager Electrical Penetration Systems

  • Dr. David Wenger

    Mission Hydrogen GmbH | Founder and CEO (Host)

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