FREE Power Webinar [60 minutes] TUE 23 JUNE 2020
​​​​​​​1pm London | 2pm Amsterdam | 8pm Singapore | 10pm Sydney | 8am NY

​​​​​​​On a Mission with Two Purpose-Driven Social Entrepreneurs.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In this Power Webinar we have a conversation with Simon Doble, CEO and Founder of SolarBuddy and Arash Aazami, Founder of

Two great human beings. Two Purpose-Driven Social Entrepreneurs and innovators on a mission to solve Energy Poverty in the world.

When we introduced Simon Doble to Arash Aazami it felt that they have known each other for many years. This was certainly not the case. They were so aligned in their mission that they directly understood each other.

Simon Doble is the global specialist in creating innovative solar energy solution for the humanitarian sector. Simon Doble believes that education plays a vital role in breaking poverty cycles and that every child deserves quality education in a safe environment. This is achieved by uniting a global community to gift six million solar lights to children living in energy poverty by 2030.

Arash Aazami is like Simon also on a mission. Every human being should have access to clean, renewable energy. In support hereof, as an entrepreneur and inventor he brings solutions. In 2010 Arash founded an “Energy independence company”, earning more as it would sell less energy. Since 2015 he designs and builds for a global Internet of Energy, which should enable users all over the globe to exchange energy with one another over an open source peer to peer network. Arash Aazami believes energy is a basic need for every human being and should therefore be considered a human right.

​​​​​​​The worst form of poverty is energy poverty.
If you have no access to energy, you have no access to education, to knowledge, and are exempt of contributing to society and the economy.
If you lack access to energy you will remain poor forever. 
Meanwhile there is an abundance of energy available to us. It shines on the top of our heads, blows through our hair, and runs underneath our feet. We can learn to harvest the abundant sources of renewable energy and design and develop systems to make them accessible for every human being. Just like in nature, energy does not need to be owned or traded.

During this session we will explore solutions, models and new paradigms that will help us build a future with abundance for all.

  • Simon Doble

    CEO & Founder SolarBuddy

  • Arash Aazami

    Founder and director of

  • Maurice van der Kant

    Host, Assemblee Speakers, Founder

  • Gerry Morris

    Host, Founder Book Speakers Direct

  • Education

  • Future Leaders
  • Breaking the Cycle of [Energy] Poverty
  • Building a Global Community
  • About Simon Doble

    ​​​​​​​Simon Doble is an inventor and social impact entrepreneur who specializes in creating innovative solar solutions for people living in energy poverty. A humanitarian at heart he is determined to create socially aware businesses that will have a lasting positive impact on both people and planet.

  • About Arash Aazami

    Arash Aazami is a purpose-driven entrepreneur and innovator, half Persian, half Dutch and raised in Niger, West Africa. His initiatives merge energy, digital tech and finance. He first pursued careers in music and tech, until he became director of a Dutch energy supplier in 2006.
    In 2010 he founded the world’s first energy company that earns more as it sells less energy. Arash Aazami is now founder and director of, developing a global energy exchange platform to support an “Internet of Energy”, enabling users world-wide to “download as well as upload” energy from abundant renewable resources, democratizing access to clean, renewable energy.
    Besides his work for, Arash is a faculty member at SingularityU The Netherlands. He also is a mentor of social entrepreneurship at INSEAD Business School in Paris and he advises the European Commission and the Dutch government on long term strategies for energy and digitization.

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