Educator as a Coaches, Prepare your students for real life success.

  • The various cognitive and non-cognitive limitations of the current education system.

    Our youth are victims of the resistance to change simply because it would cost too much and require a total Reinvention of the current system.

  • The teacher functioning as a classroom psychologist

    Hiow he framework to grasp the dynamics of how they can make small modifications that will transform student’s mindset towards better learning experience.

  • The "colored brain"  in the classroom and how does each color processes​​​​​​​ learning.

    Understanding the Various Radio Frequencies in the Classroom Environment and How to Use Them to Enhance Positive Learning Experience.

  • How to introduce gamification processes in the academic world​​​​​​​

    How to use gamification as a motivating and empowering learning tool.

  • Steven Dossou

    Webinar Host

  • Arthur Carmazzi

    Webinar Host

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