2020 Music Cities Awards Ceremony

Award 8.) Best Global Music Office 

Webinar Title = Why Should Every City Have a Music Office?

 Our nominees have been recognised for their work in helping to support, develop and promote their music ecosystems and musicians. Their city is one of the lucky ones, as most cities in the world do not have a role designated to supporting their music ecosystems. Before we announce the winner, our nominees will discuss their main tasks, why every city should have a music office and how your city could set one up. 

​​​​​​​Award winner announced at the end of the webinar.

  • Music Cities Events

    2020 Music Cities Awards Ceremony Host

  • Jayne White, Music Specialist, Memphis Tourism (USA)

    Award Nominee

  • James Lockridge, Executive Director, Big Heavy World (USA)

    Award Nominee

  • Patrick Donovan, CEO, Music Victoria (Australia)

    Award Nominee

  • Brian Ritchie, Curator/Musician, Violent Femmes/Mona (Australia)

    Moderator & Awards Judge

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