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The AfCFTA is an ambitious initiative by the Member States of the African Union, aiming to boost intra-African trade, integration and development by creating an integrated market for goods, services, promoting cross-border movement of capital and persons. The AfCFTA entered into force on 30 May 2019, and trade under the AfCFTA was launched on 1 January 2021. Negotiations on key issues for this free trade area are still under negotiation.      

Join this live webcast hosted by Trade Law Centre (tralac) as experts clarify issues related to the ongoing negotiations, how and when it will be possible to trade under the AfCFTA and the broader implications of the AfCFTA for African integration. They will discuss the practical approach, share valuable insights on the legal architecture, implications for business and how to take up the new opportunities from this trade agreement.

Don’t miss this if you are a business owner, trader - importer/exporter, SME, trade and legal advisor, from academia, policy development organisations, government and civil society organisations.

Questions are welcome during the live session

  • About tralac

    Tralac is a public-benefit organisation based in South Africa, working on Africa’s trade and integration agenda. tralac conducts analysis, offers training programs and facilitates stakeholder dialogue on trade and trade -related matters. For more information and our daily news service see: www.tralac.org

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  • Trudi Hartzenberg

    Trudi Hartzenberg is the Executive Director of the Trade Law Centre (tralac).  She is an economist working on Africa’s trade and integration agenda, industrial, investment and competition policy matters.   She serves on the WTO Chairs Advisory Committee and is a member of the Committee for Development Policy of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).
  • Professor Gerhard Erasmus

    Professor Gerhard Erasmus is a Founder of the Trade Law Centre (tralac) and Professor Emeritus (Law Faculty), University of Stellenbosch. He specialises in international trade law and has worked with governments, the private sector and regional  and continental organisations. He has also been involved in the drafting of the South African and Namibian constitutions.
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  • Trudi Hartzenberg

    Executive Director of tralac

  • Professor Gerhard Erasmus

    Founder of the Trade Law Centre (tralac) and Professor Emeritus (Law Faculty), University of Stellenbosch

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