Lunch-Talk Global Health Security

Preparedness or Prevention. Defence or Precaution. How conflicting concepts of Global Health Security and Public Health are shaping the Covid19 response.

Fighting the Virus or fighting social vulnerabilities to the virus? Which structural, social and political “default settings” have shaped the national, regional and global Covid19 response? What options lie ahead for a multipolar world to deal with future pandemics?

Presentations and Round Table Discussion with
Ass. Prof. Anne Roehmer-Mahler, University of Sussex, UK
Asst. Prof. Iris Dzudzek, University of Muenster, Germany 
Dr. René Loewenson,TARSC/Equinet, Zimbabwe

Introduction: Mareike Haase, Bread for the World Germany
Moderator: Dr. Andreas Wulf, medico international, Germany

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