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Telling Your Legacy Story

Online Webinar
March 19, 2022
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Our mission at Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. is to help our clients to have peace of mind and lasting legacy with proper Estate Planning. 

In addition to proper Estate Planning, what other ways can you leave a lasting legacy and pass down your stories? Your Legacy is more than just the assets you leave behind to family and loved-ones. Legacy is also about leaving your life stories to be remembered.

Do you want to ensure your life and legacy is passed down to future generations in your family?

Attorney Chad A. Ritchie, with over 15 years of Estate Planning experience, will share different ideas and ways you can document your life for your family and loved-ones.

Learn more about Chad A. Ritchie here.
The RLO "Everything Book"

The Ritchie Law Office, Ltd. has upgraded its estate planning binder into what we call the “Everything Book” to help our clients stay organized after completing their estate planning documents with us. 
The RLO Everything Book is divided into 6 Modules and 36 Sections to keep every aspect of your life organized and ready at a moment's notice. 

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    Your Legacy Story will cover TAB 1 of your "Everything Book" Estate Planning Binder.

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