True Teacher Support during Covid19 and beyond


Join Ross McGill & Leon Hady for this unique discussion on how effective online GSCE revision methods will help all schools catch-up and thrive​​​​​​​.
TuitionKit ( has been used by half a million students worldwide, in homes, schools and colleges. We have now made the decision, in this post-covid world, to make our bank of revision materials completely free.

Teachers...we know you are inundated with resources. However the tools we are offering can shape and improve the way you teach. Let us save you time, effort and make every study interaction personalised.

Join the webinar with Leon and Ross to find out how to:

  •  Set specific personalised booster programmes

  • Create bespoke learning pathways for EVERY student

  • Make any YouTube video a digital assistant in your lesson

  • Leon Hady, Founder, Guide Education

    Webinar Host

  • Ross McGill, CEO, Teacher Toolkit

    Webinar Host

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