CafeTele - 5G NR Essentials Training

In-depth training of 5G network components. For Engineers, Managers, and Enthusiasts. You’ll learn the essential concepts and principles of 5G NR.

Covering these topics:

  • List Drivers
  • Performance requirements
  • Potential use cases
  • Roadmap for Standards and Rollout
  • Main Radio Access features
  • Technology Components
  • Spectrum Allocation
  • Enumerate Deployment options

In this course, you get:

  • 3+ hours of live instruction
  • Live Q&A with the Instructor
  • Course completion certificate

At additional cost you can download a PDF of the training materials 
and unlimited On-Demand Access to recording of this training.

    Date: Sunday 27 Sept.​​​
    Time: 16:00 UTC (Noon Eastern time, USA)
    Price: USD $97

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    • Russell Lundberg

      Webinar Host

    • Gaurav Goyal

      Webinar Host

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