Navigating the Maritime Tender Space

Navigating the daunting space of tenders

Maritime Review Africa has published weekly maritime tender alerts for the last three years. In this webinar we take a look at tender trends in Africa - highlighting the countries, sectors and organisations that are most actively issuing opportunities. 

We also delve into how the requirements as well as resources required for companies to successfully win bids as both governments and multi-nationals become more stringent and regulated. 

  • ANALYSIS |   Highlighting significant trends in tenders including country of origin, local content requirements, type of tender as well as sectors for tenders issued in 2021.

  • TRANSPARENCY |  The majority of companies that issue tenders do not publish the successful bid in the public domain. We discuss why this should be addressed.

  • ADVICE |  Winning a tender is not as simple as submitting a bid with the lowest price point. There are many stringent requirements - often relating to sustainability, tax compliance, quality assurance and more - that factor into a successful bid. 

  • Colleen Jacka

    Editor, Maritime Review Africa

  • Shaheen Moolla

    Consultant, TenderWrite

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