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Scaling Up Green Hydrogen. Large scale Stack Factory

Learn more about the need for millions of tons of green hydrogen annually and the necessity of efficient, scalable electrolyzers. As a green hydrogen expert, H-TEC SYSTEMS is researching the serial production of electrolyzers that can be modularly adapted to their respective locations. In pursuit of this goal, H-TEC SYSTEMS will open a highly automated serial production facility in Hamburg as early as next year.


With over a decade of experience in the energy industry, Thomas Gabler brings impressive expertise to the table. During this time, he has successfully managed numerous oil and gas projects in the mid- and downstream sectors in Germany and Europe. In the face of the significant challenges posed by the energy transformation, Thomas is passionately committed to assisting customers with his knowledge in hydrogen production.

Jörn Ernst is an energy expert with more than 10 years’ experience in clean energy technology. Before he took on the role as Senior Sales Manager at H-TEC SYSTEMS, he worked for Siemens in several sales roles and in the solution business of E.ON. As an industrial engineer, he merges technical know-how and business knowledge to provide customers with valuable insights to implement their hydrogen projects.

PREMIUM PARTNERS of Hydrogen Moves:

PARTNERS of Hydrogen Moves:
ARGO ANLEG | Efficientics - hydrogen safety consulting | Hexagon Purus | Paul Group | TAE - Technische Akademie Esslingen | Tyczka Hydrogen GmbH | water stuff & sun

  • How will the hydrogen market develop?
  • How can the demand for green hydrogen be met?
  • Where are we on the path to mass production?
  • Thomas Gabler

    H-TEC SYSTEMS | Sales Manager

  • Jörn Ernst

    H-TEC SYSTEMS | Senior Sales Manager

  • Silke Frank

    Hydrogen Moves GmbH | Owner and Managing Director

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