The Time is Now: Climate crisis burns future of generations to come

About The Webinar

Our Burning Planet journalist Onke Ngcuka, youth climate activist Gabriel Klaasen and global change analyst Professor Nick King come together to discuss the devastating effects of the climate crisis on future generations and the importance of young voices in the climate activism space. 

There’s no doubt that with a 1 degree Celsius increase in global average temperature since the industrial era, the planet has felt the tiny yet mighty increase. Extreme heat waves, floods and droughts across the heating globe have been stark evidence of this. As we battle with the present, youth climate activists who have been at the forefront of raising alarm bells over the crisis, alongside their peers and future generations, will be worse affected by increasing temperatures. 

To further break down the topic and provide insight, Daily Maverick Webinars will be inviting Professor Nick King, who recently released a study painting a gruesome picture for future generations as the planet continues to heat up. Joining him will be youth climate activist Gabriel Klaasen, who will speak on his efforts and the importance of youth voices in the climate activism space amidst a burning future.

  • Onke Ngcuka is a juniour reporter with the Daily Maverick's Our Burning Planet unit. Prior to joining the incredible team, Ngcuka was freelancing as a tech reporter, while completing a fellowship on climate justice with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, of which she is still a fellow. The reporter’s career kicked off at Reuters news agency in Johannesburg where she interned and covered financial and general news, as well as spending some time as a Reuters TV producer. Ngcuka received her qualifications from the University of the Witwatersrand, obtaining an undergraduate degree in politics, psychology and international relations, as well as an honours in journalism and media studies. 

  • Gabriel Klaasen is a 23-year-old Intersectional activist from Cape Town. He is the youth co-ordinator for African Climate Alliance, and the Communications officer for Project 90 by 2030. They are also noted as one of Mail & Guardians 200 Young South African’s 2021 in the Environmental category. As a non-binary queer Coloured person from the Cape Flats they understand the socio-economic and environmental injustices that so many face on a day to day basis. His hope is that through intersectional action we can achieve deep systemic change.”

  • Professor Nick King is an independent researcher and consultant with over 25 years’ experience in global environmental change, including mainstreaming environment and climate change concerns into development planning, policy and practice around the world. 

    Nick’s experience includes being a Review Editor for the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report, Co-Chair of the Science & Policy Advisory Board for UNEP’s 6th Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-6) from 2015 – 2019 and most recently served on the Science Advisory Board of the UN’s Global Synthesis Report launched by the UN Secretary General in February 2021 under the title Making Peace with Nature

    In 2014, Nick trained as a Climate Reality Leader with former Vice-President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Programme and has subsequently given over 100 presentations, radio and TV interviews and facilitated workshops on addressing the climate crisis, to a broad array of audiences. Nick also teaches postgraduate programmes on sustainability at four SA Universities.

  • Onke Ngcuka

    Our Burning Planet journalist

  • Gabriel Klaasen

    Youth climate activist

  • Prof Nick King

    Environmental Futurist, Global Change Analyst & Strategist

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  • Daily Maverick

    Webinar Host

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