CredAvenue presents UNLOCK CREDIT 

About The Webinar

Despite the obvious demand for debt by companies, SMEs and large enterprises fail to grow due to the lack of adequate supporting infrastructure and restricted access to the right investors. Leaders are waiting with bated breath for further favourable announcements in Union Budget 2022-23 to manage the debt and credit strategies for their respective organizations.
To learn more about what the pulse is on the street when it comes to debt planning and how enterprise leaders can utilize technological solutions to solve the lending and borrowing puzzle, we bring you a pre-Budget panel discussion on “Solving the enterprise lending and borrowing puzzle in Budget 2022” with Ashwin Mohan, Editor ( Deals) at Moneycontrol

  • Key discussion points:

    • Challenges that have restricted the growth of the corporate bond market in India
    • Attracting participation from the offshore investors and retail investors
    • What is Unified Lending Infrastructure and how does it address better lending and borrowing
    • Expectations from Union Budget 2022-23 in promoting Digital lending
    • Synchronizing the infrastructure, legal and regulatory framework to successfully ride the digital wave and take the economy forward
  • Mr. Ashwin Mohan, Editor (Deals), Moneycontrol

    Webinar Host

  • Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, Senior Director, CareEdge


  • Mr. Vibhor Mittal, CBO, CredAvenue Securities


  • Mr. Irfan Mohammed, Chief Business Officer, Financial Services, CredAvenue


  • Mr. Moses Harding John, President & CEO at IndusInd International Holdings Limited


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