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About The Webinar

As a number of macroeconomic indicators and investment trends sustain into the new year, investors are eager to know how the global equity market might react to prevailing economic conditions and its impact on their investment portfolios. To understand the underlying risks and opportunities posed by these trends in 2022, Stockal and Moneycontrol present a live webinar on 'Highlights of global investing in 2021 and what lies ahead', which brings together investment guru Jim Rogers & Stockal Co-founder and CO-CEO Vinay Bharathwaj, for an enlightening and insightful discussion, that combines analysis of past performance with projections of future investment potential of global equity markets.

  • Talking points:

    1. Analysis of US equity market performance and cues for 2022
    2. Dominant macro factors affecting global equity markets in 2022.
    3. Inflationary pressures on global equity markets.
    4. Impact of currency volatility on equity trades
    5. Structural and external factors affecting equity markets
    6. Emerging threats and opportunities for investors
    7. Lessons from the US equity market for India
    8. Key investment principles for growth in 2022

  • Mangalam Maloo, CNBCTV-18

    Webinar Host

  • Vinay Bharathwaj, Co-founder and CO-CEO, Stockal


  • Jim Rogers, Investor


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