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Virtual Teaching With Mr. Greg

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As a teacher that is actually IN THE CLASSROOM and actually TEACHING VIRTUALLY, I am walking this walk with you! In this webinar we will explore my kindergarten classroom that is set up for virtual/distance teaching.  I set my classroom up to build community because it’s still OUR classroom even if the students can’t be in the space right now and it helps ME feel more comfortable teaching.

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  • Virtual Classroom Setup, an overview of our classroom

  • Virtual Teaching Setup, where I conduct 2 hours of live teaching daily as well as office hours, 1-on1 and small group instruction

  • Scheduling and Requirements, we'll talk about the platforms we are using and what my district expectations are. This will help you understand why I have some of my routines and processes. 

  • Music and participation,  we'll discuss how I am getting the students to engage with my lessons and how our lessons are conducted.

  • Free Emergent Reader,  you'll receive a free emergent reader download using symbos such as mute, unmute, video on, etc...

  • Greg Warren

    Webinar Host

  • Jason Warren

    Webinar Moderator

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