28 October 2021

Adopting an aggressive approach to developing, promoting and implementing innovation as well as clean technology in the maritime sectors. through funding, research and development as well as mentorship and incubators.

The International Maritime Organisation and other global players are constantly moving ahead with regulations and research that aim to ensure cleaner, more environmentally friendly shipping, port and offshore sectors. In addition international funding and incubators are promoting innovation amongst start-ups across the world.

Can South Africa compete and adapt?

  • OPPORTUNITIES |  Identifying suitable opportunities for South African companies to compete internationally. 

  • FUNDING | Is there enough emphasis on making the necessary funding available for research and development within the maritime space?

  • CAPACITY | Do we have the necessary capacity to innovate for the international arena?

  • EXISTING INITIATIVES | What existing initiatives are already exploring opportunities for maritime companies?

  • Maritime Industry Dialogue

    Innovation and Green Technology in the Maritime Sectors.

  • Colleen Jacka

    Editor, Maritime Review

  • Nicolene Roux

    Technical Leader at Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

  • Chris McCann

    PanAfrican Holdings: on a mission to build the world's first green unmanned vessel.

  • Steve Randles

    Director, Khanyisa Real Systems

  • Alexis Grosskopf

    CEO, OceanHub Africa

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