An exclusive webinar from Empresas Bern, Panama City, Republic of Panama

Panama’s Economy Post COVID-19

Empresas Bern, one of Panama’s leading companies, operating in real estate, construction, senior living, and hospitality will host a webinar to discuss Panama’s position economically after the country’s reopening on October 12, 2020, post the global pandemic of COVID-19. Jose Manuel Bern, a principal in the company and an international lecturer, will address Panama’s position in Latin America as well as globally; plus what steps are being taken to ensure the S&P’s prediction of a GDP growth rate of 7% in 2021. Panama would then, of course, easily continue as the strongest economy in Latin America.
Join Jose Manuel Bern on December 17 when he covers a variety of topics including:

  • The introduction of various government initiatives aggressively aimed at restarting the economy including rapid permanent Panamanian residency for foreign nationals with a $300,000 real estate investment and tax abatements for tourism businesses outside Panama City.

  • Why Panama has the best internet in Latin America optimized for digital nomads and multi-national corporations.

  • How the country’s diversified economic streams will benefit from pandemic outcomes including changing supply chain patterns, revenue from one of the world’s largest operating copper mines, tourism developments including a new convention center and cruise pier terminals and a varied business services sector catering to companies seeking the 700 million Latin American market.

  • The benefits of having a monetary system based on the US dollar and the inability to print money. 

This webinar will be limited to 400 participants and will include the opportunity to ask questions. If you are interested in participating, please register today and details to join the discussion will be forwarded to you. We hope to see you on December 17th.

  • Jose Manuel Bern

    Principal, Empresas Bern International Lecturer on Latin American Business

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