About The Course

The next-best alternative to in-person training!

​​​​​​​Our first formally structured online training ever offered.

​​​​​​​You will learn how to offer better service to your deities at home.

  • Live demonstration with commentary - All the primary deity services will be explained and shown, such as: acamana, waking and putting the deities to bed, bhoga offering, arati, and bathing/dressing.

  • Communicate in realtime with students and facilitators - registered students will be provided access to a private Facebook group for discussions, assignments, documents, etc.

  • Certificates issued upon successful completion - Hard copy certificates will be mailed upon request.* PDF format certificates will be issued by default.

    *Additional postage fee charged for mailing outside of mainland USA

  • For further inquiry, contact Jayananda dasa - [email protected]

  • Nrsimha Kavaca dasa

    Minister, ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry

  • Jayananda dasa

    Minister (North America), ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry

  • Rasa devi dasi

    Facilitator, ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry

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