Legalization in New York:
Implementation and New Opportunities

Join Vicente Sederberg LLP on April 7, 2021 for a live session with members of the firm's NY team.

Topics of discussion include:

  • A review of the new law, including the expected timeline
  • License types
  • Limitations on vertical integration and ownership
  • Revisions to the existing medical program
  • Local and municipal issues
  • Social and economic equity provisions
  • Regulation of CBD and other cannabinoids extracted from hemp
  • How to enter or expand into this major new market
  • Charlie Alovisetti

    Partner, Vicente Sederberg LLP

  • Michelle Bodian

    Senior Associate, Vicente Sederberg LLP

  • Jennifer Cabrera

    Counsel, Vicente Sederberg LLP

  • Elliot Choi

    Counsel, Vicente Sederberg LLP

  • Brandon Kurtzman

    Partner, Vicente Sederberg LLP

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