How to Slash College Costs By 52.4% or More...Even if you think you can't possibly qualify for anything!

About the event...

Best-selling authors and local college advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood are conducting a series of free online training classes that will reveal closely-guarded legal and ethical "secret" strategies and tactics that any family can use to comfortably afford college tuition for their children...

...without scrimping their lifestyle, plundering their retirement savings or havbing to sell a kidney!    

Topics to be covered include (this week only, time-sensitive):

  • "Loopholes" and "Landmines":  Which types of savings accounts penalize you more than others (529s, other child savings, retirement savings)...and which are entirely EXEMPT from the financial aid office?

  • College Negotiation Secrets: What to do after your college "lowballs" you with a stingy financial aid or merit aid award

  • Private Colleges vs. Public Universities:  The strange reason why an "expensive" elite college can actually cost you less out of pocket than a so-called "cheaper" state university

  • "Hidden" Deadlines and Other Key Mistakes:  How to avoid self-sabotage in the financial aid and merit aid process so that you get all that you deserve, so that you can easily afford to send your kids to the colleges they deserve to attend (instead of breaking their hearts by telling them you can't afford the colleges they worked their tails off to get into)

  • More!  Tips for business owners, divorced / separated families, an overview of the 2021 changes to the FAFSA (the main financial aid application) and more stuff that you'll NEVER hear from your high school guidance counselor or your accountant!

  • Andrew Lockwood, J.D.

    Best-selling author, co-founder, Lockwood College Prep

  • Pearl Lockwood, J.D.

    Financial aid expert, co-founder, Lockwood College Prep

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