Midwest SCC Presents...

2020 Teamworks Virtual Raw Material Summit

About The Event

The Midwest Society of Cosmetic Chemists is going virtual with our Teamworks trade show this year.  Rather than have an in-person event with booths and face to face contact, we're hosting an all-day Raw Material Summit. We will have speakers giving talks on the most important raw material topics along with suppliers presenting their latest new technologies. 

Each hour will feature... 

  • Subject introduction talk (15-20 min)
  • Multiple new technology talks (30 min)
  • Q&A session (time permitting)

Event times:  8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Main Topics and Presentations

  • Keynote Speaker - Catherine Johns - Whether you are a scientist or a seller you have critical communication with customers, colleagues, and even competitors. You deliver information that can make a difference in the office, in the lab, and in the bottom line. That means that you need to be clear, concise, and compelling. Here’s the thing: if you want influence, you must have impact. In this conversation, you’ll discover how to move your audience from “Ho hum” to “Oh Wow!”

  • Cleaners - Anatoly Dameshek from Stepan will present an introduction to cleansing ingredients, what they are, how they work, and what you need to know about formulating with them.

  • Homecare Disinfectants - Nathan Smith from Univar will cover a topic that is most important to makers of household products. This topic is particuarly timely considering the pandemic.

  • Colorants  - Kelly Dobos, immediate past president of the SCC and colorant expert will cover the basics of colors which are the most highly regulated and used ingredients in cosmetics. 

  • Polymers - Sam Costanzo from Dow Home & Personal Care will give an introduction to silicone polymers and their use in cosmetic formulating.

  • Thickeners - Rheology expert Sam Morell will take us through a tour of the topic of thickening systems and the science behind how they work. 

  • Fragrances - Jim Powel from Orchidia fragrances will talk about the use of fragrances and trends in formulating cosmetic and household products. 

  • Hair Products / Conditioners - Andrew Robertson  from Nouryon will be sharing an update on the latest trends in formulation, the key performance attributes to select for in making a dry shampoo, and how to respond to the impacts of the latest proposed regulations

  • Home Care - Rebecca Cullen from Mintel will review the latest in home care trends and technology. 

  • Preservatives - Rosanna Stokes from Emerald Kalama Chemical will cover the the latest issues in cosmetic formula preservation and look at new technologies that will replace longtime standards.

  • Emulsifiers - Leor Fay Tal from Gattefossé US will demistify the wonderful world of cosmetic emulsifiers. 

  • Active Ingredients - Alexandra Mozina from Active Concepts will take us on a tour of active ingredients that give cosmetic formulas the extra functional and marketing edge. 

  • Perry Romanowski

    Moderator - Midwest SCC Chair

  • Catherine Johns

    Keynote Speaker

  • Anatoly Dameshek

    Cleansing products

  • Nathan Smith

    Homecare Disinfectants

  • Kelly Dobos


  • Sam Costanzo


  • Sam Morell


  • Jim Powel

    Essential oils & Fragrances

  • Andrew Robertson

    Hair products / conditioners

  • Rebecca Cullen

    Home care trends

  • Rosanna Stokes


  • Leor Fay Tal


  • Alexandra Mozina

    Active Ingredients

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