About The Webinar

Join Corporate Valuation Advisors, Inc. (CVA) and Reed Smith, LLP for a lively and informative discussion featuring valuation perspectives from Jim Volkman of CVA, and transaction considerations for professionals within the M&A space from Chris Sheaffer of Reed Smith. This webinar will address the impacts and opportunities of a distressed market on valuations and transactions for Private Equity as well as public and private companies. Topics include, uncertainty and volatility, transactional and accounting implications, earn-out provisions and unique opportunities from a buyers and sellers perspective.

Valuation Considerations in a Distressed Market, PE and Public/Private Companies - Presenter, James Volkman, Corporate Valuation Advisors, Inc. (CVA)
      - Uncertainty and volatility (Effects on; Value, options values, multiples &
      - Transaction Impacts (Earn out Provisions, multiples, contingent
         considerations, etc.)
      - Accounting Implications (Goodwill/long lived assets impairments)
      - Opportunities (Distressed business availability, Stock options, estate

Private Equity, Public and Private Company Considerations in Distressed Market - Presenter, Chris Sheaffer, Reed Smith LLP
      - Market/Macro Level Impacts (return and exit timing assumptions,
      - Buyer Perspectives (Impacts on price,  revenue growth, supply chain, risks,
      - Seller Perspectives (timing, pricing, guarantees, structure options to
         mitigate risk)
      - Other Considerations (earn out concepts, EBITDA adjustments, impact on
         interim operating covenants, definition of Material Adverse Effect, etc.)

There is no cost to attend this webinar.

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  • Chris Sheaffer

    Partner, Reed Smith LLP

  • James Volkman

    Managing Director of Financial Valuation Services, Corporate Valuation Advisors, Inc.

  • Thomas Stapleton

    President and Managing Director, Corporate Valuation Advisors, Inc.

  • Moderator, Frank J. Marcucci, Jr.

    National Director, Corporate Valuation Advisors, Inc.

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