Reflective Mantra Art for Kids

About The Webinar

Explore creating art with your child, as a form of meditation and spiritual dialogue. Learn to access your boundless creativity through authentic and heart-centered expression using Waheguru mantra in written form.  

"Waheguru mantra is a portal to creativity where anything is possible."
–Dr Juss Kaur

During this meditative workshop you and your child will be invited to let go, unfold and listen to your authentic inner voice through the process of creating your own Waheguru mantra art – kids and adults of all ages are welcome (however it's helpful if your child can write)! You will have the opportunity to share your art afterwards, and your child will be eligible to win a prize!   

Dr. Juss Kaur, known for her Tedx Talk, Oneness,  is an author, artist, teacher and educational consultant. Each of her paintings are imbued with the ‘Waheguru’ mantra, an empowering exclamation meaning ‘the Divine Teacher within.' She will guide us in exploring art as a form of meditation, spiritual dialogue and prayer. 

​​​​​​​Ages: Kids of all ages are welcome to attend with parents (best suited for 7 years and up).  

What to Bring
• Pastels or color pencils, fine tipped gold or silver pens.
• One very fine tip black tip pen for each participant.
• Download one of the templates emailed to you upon registration

​​​​​The children will experience:

  • Art as a form of meditation as they contemplate the concept of Oneness.

  • Why art is a universal form of expression, as elemental as speaking or singing, an essential part of the human experience.

  • A guided meditation to become present and open their creative flow.

  • The ability to channel their interior world into art as they learn to observe, imagine and explore.

  • Siri Radha Kaur

    SikhNet Host

  • Dr Juss Kaur

    Author, Teacher, International Education Consultant and former Adjunct Professor of Education at McGill University in Montreal, Canada

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