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Treatment of Verrucous Lesions Utilizing Microwave Therapy

Plantar warts have long been a frustrating condition to treat.  Current therapies remain largely ineffective and HPV persistence means high levels of recurrence coupled with patient and provider treatment fatigue.

In this session we will explore an exciting new therapy that uses microwave energy to stimulate an immune response; effectively targeting the HPV infection.  We will look at mechanism of action and assess specifically why microwaves possess the ability to uncloak the HPV infection.  We will also dive into treatment protocol coupled with patient experience and I will share some of my initial case studies.

If you are currently frustrated by warts and are looking to find a more effective and consistent treatment option, this session should provide significant value. 

  • Bonus Content! This week will include a teaser of our next session focusing on the COVID-19 Coronavirus Antibody Test and other useful tools to protect your patients and staff during the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • Rob Conenello, DPM, FACFAS, FAAPSM

    Guest Speaker

  • Ira Kraus, DPM, FACFAS


  • Michael King, DPM, FACFAS, FASPS


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