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Machine Maintenance Basics & Beyond

 What You Will Learn
Over 90 minutes of in-depth instruction broken down into six easy-to-understand parts. Gain knowledge of the most critical components of your machine, what they do and how they work. Learn preventative maintenance tips and the tools that keep your shop looking and sewing the same way every day!  Plus receive a FREE Gunold Machine Embroidery Tool Kit Valued at $22.50!
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  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Part 1: Tension, Bobbin Cases & Rotary Hook Timing

    Tension: Don’t Touch Those Knobs!

    Bobbin Case: The Key to Your Success

    Rotary Hook Timing:  Find the cause of the #1 issue for bird nesting

  • Part 2: Reciprocator & Needle Bar Drivers

    Trace, Trace, Trace! And when to rotate your threads

  • Part 3:  Trimmers, Pickers & Wiper

    Trimmer:  How long should it last?
    Picker:  Starting and Stopping embroidery
    ​​​​​​​Wiper:  AKA the Upper Thread Hook

  • Part 4:  Presser Foot, Take Up Lever & Check/Take Up Springs

    Holding fabric in place, feeding the thread , and tension consistency

  • Part 5:  X-Y Drivers Brains of the operation

    Pantograph and Sewing Components

  • Part 6:  TLC:  Oiling, Greasing & Cleaning

    Preventative Maintenance: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annually

  •  What You Will Get When You Register

    • A FREE Gunold Machine Embroidery Tool Kit Valued at $22.50 includes a seam ripper, bent nose tweezers, sharp, curved squeezer/scissor, flat head screwdriver, extra narrow straight blade scissor, and a carrying case.

    • The webinar is yours to Replay Forever + Bonus Videos

    • H-Test Download

    • Ask Bill Anything! Question and Answer PDF 

    • Powerpoint Presentation PDF

    • Needle, fabric, thread, and backing guide PDFs


  • Bill Garvin

    Webinar Host

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