Stress, Hormones, and Immunity

About The Webinar

Join us for this live webinar taught by Dr. Lonna Larsh, to learn what you can do right NOW to boost your immunity and maintain or achieve optimal wellness both now and for the rest of your life!

In this talk, you will learn:

👉​​​​​​​ How stress affects your hormones and your immune system. Turn fear, frustration, and poor health into hope, vitality, and strength!

👉 How our current "sick care" system (not health care) and insurance model won’t work to improve your health.

👉 How optimizing the 5 pillars of health can get you to your destination.  

You'll also learn about a unique Functional Medicine approach that gets to the ROOT of your health problems. If you’re sick and tired of just putting band-aids on big issues and are looking for a completely different approach to improving your health – this is it!

This is a LIVE webinar and will start promptly at 7pm PST. We encourage you to have your loved ones in your household join you to watch. Please register to receive a reminder and save a spot.

When you take extreme ownership of your health you can reach your goals!

Roots of Health was founded by Dr. Lonna Larsh, a family physician certified in Integrative and Functional Medicine, serving Santa Cruz for over 25 years.  Roots of Health offers functional wellness programs that address the underlying roots of your health challenges in order to achieve lasting results. ​​​​​​​

  • Lonna Larsh, MD

    Webinar Host & Presenter

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