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About the Webinar

Bitcoin is money! One day in the not too distant future your finance group will be tasked with handling Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency. Get ahead of the curve and begin putting governance procedures in place today to be prepared to properly handle your first digital coins.

This 30 minute webinar is intended for CFO’s and other senior finance executives. During the webinar we will help you lay out the initial governance procedures to safely and efficiently manage cryptocurrencies. You will learn how to:

1. Select a fiat exchange for converting to/from crypto to USD or other currency

2. Assemble appropriate documentation and set up a corporate fiat account

3. Implement a Secure Authenticator program for Multi-Factor Authentication 

4. Set up a offline cold/hard wallet

5. Establish best-practice security protocols

6. Establish Multi-Signature Accounts

7. Acquire your business’s FIO name

8. Integrate Crypto into your other accounting systems

9. Establish Governance and usage protocols

10. Promote your new crypto capability to staff, partners, vendors, and customers

​​​​​​​With more and more businesses handling cryptocurrencies and expecting their partners to do the same, now is the time to get out in front of this trend.

  • Charles Stack

    Webinar Host

  • Shannon Lyons

    Webinar Host

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