#SecureYourCryptoBag: The S.E.C.U.R.E Way to Protect Your Keys & Coins

Globally, crypto investors realized total crypto gains of $162.7 billion in 2021, compared to just $32.5 billion in 2020. And in 2022, more than 200 million people worldwide have used crypto. Governments, including the US, are acknowledging the viability of this asset class, institutional investors are increasingly embracing digital currencies in their portfolios, and retirement plans may soon include Bitcoin as an additional investment option.

Even with all the price volatility, clearly crypto is increasing in popularity, acceptance and adoption.

In fact, the only thing more popular than crypto right now (sadly) are crypto scams. Crypto scammers took a record $14 billion in 2021. And the trend continues.

So you need to arm yourself with strategies and the latest best practices to help you identify scams and protect against self-custody losses due to user error.

You need a S.E.C.U.R.E. Advantage! I've got the keys.

In this webinar, Forbes 50 Over 50 Listee, crypto asset policy advisor, tenured law professor and crypto educator, Dr. Tonya M. Evans, shares her secrets about how to spot a crypto scammer, the top crypto scams and how to avoid them, and best practices to S.E.C.U.R.E. your crypto so you can buy, trade and store crypto safely and confidently.

Register now for this exclusive opportunity to secure your place in the new economy and future of wealth.

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