The Power of the Bath

About The Webinar Workshop

Does Grooming Give you a Headache?!
You are not alone.  In fact, the very best grooming businesses have figured out a plan to help create a better experience for everyone.  
Every great grooming (and grooming business) starts with the BATH!  
We are bringing this formula to YOU in an exciting and informative webinar workshop experience. 

Then you must consider joining us for this webinar.  The registration price is equal to less than two grooming appointments!  But the reward of transforming your grooming business is MUCH greater!
Normally $99, this workshop is now only $79, but hurry….space is limited!

  • Reduce the stress and build a powerful and profitable grooming business.

  • No Groomers?  No Problem!  You can still have an incredible grooming business….No Groomers Necessary!

  • Is your grooming controlling you?  Time to change that!

  • Robin Bennett

    Co-founder/CEO, The Dog Gurus

  • Susan Briggs

    Co-founder/CEO, The Dog Gurus

  • Joe Zuccarello

    Pet Services Consultant and VP Paragon School of Pet Grooming

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