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Low Code Application Platforms and the Future of CRM

In this Webinar we will discuss low code application platforms, we will cover some important topics about what you can do with it and how it works. We will also tackle on the future of CRM, How other businesses could benefit from this and how our system integrates Low/No Code Application.

  • Low Code Applications:

    We will be diving deep on some important Key Takeaways on Low Code Applications.

  • The Future of CRM:

    We will touch on the topic of the Future of CRM and implement our opinions as well.

  • Quick Demonstration:

    We will have a brief Demo of our platform and how it works and implements Low Code and CRM.

Webinar Presenters

  • Michael Ryan

    Webinar Speaker

  • Manuella Freitas

    Webinar Host

  • Chris Giardina

    Webinar Guest

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