JSCCA Training Seminar - 16 June 2021
​​​​​​​Brexit & Trade Deal Update

About the Webinar

David will discuss the implications of Brexit now that the UK-EU Trade & Cooperation Agreement is fully ratified and the provisions it contains for Jersey.  He will also provide an update on the programme of Free Trade Agreements that the UK is now pursuing with third countries, including the proposals for a deal with the USA, and the expectations and aspirations for Jersey in this regard.​​​​​​​

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David has been dealing with the Jersey Government's response to UK exit from the EU.  Since the referendum he led the team negotiating the Customs Arrangement with the UK and WTO extension and is now dealing with UK and EU relations and some Trade and Co-operation Agreement matters.

David's career has covered private and public sectors; he was in the past Strategy Director of Ogier and before that Managing Director of PwC Corporate Services (Cayman) limited and Deputy Head of Overseas Territories Directorate in the Foreign Office.


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