5 Self-Care Secrets, Even if You Think You Don’t Have Time

  • How you can use journaling to dramatically improve your business and life–even if you “hate writing.”
  • The 2 most effective ways to eliminate drama and negativity from your life and free up loads of mental space–in just minutes a day!
  • How to stop feeling guilty when you’re not working–including two simple boundaries to set to burnout-proof your business (and brain!).

  • As a coach (or any other helping entrepreneur), self-care is probably something you practically preach to your clients. But as a blossoming business owner, I know how easy it is to let your own self-care fall to the wayside while you’re doing all the things for everyone else.

    The truth, though? Regular self-care is absolutely essential for every entrepreneur–especially coaches–if you want to avoid mental and even physical exhaustion.

    Now, here’s the good news: Self-care doesn’t have to be a time suck. It can actually be simple, pleasurable and yes…fast.

    Join me on for this FREE webinar and come learn some super-simple self-care practices even the most time-pressed coach can squeeze into her day.

    Want to truly show up and set a shining example for your clients? Then you have to show up for yourself first. This webinar will show you how. Let’s do this!
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