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Calling all service-based beauty providers. Did you know that over the next 2 years, hundred of millions of dollars will be up for grabs in the beauty industry? Looking at the silver lining post #Covid19 (sighs**), thousands of people are looking for new service providers because 20% + of the workforce will no longer be in business. Gain visibility and get booked out! 2020 is STILL your year!

    Learn the only 4 content buckets you need to master to gain visibility on Instagram as a beauty professional.

    Writing captions that prompt comments and engagement. Learn my hacks to save time and beat the IG algorithm!


    Learn the trick to set you apart from the competition and position you as a world-class service provider!

  • Yliana Guzman

    Yliana Guzman, Masterclass Host. Yliana is the Founder and CEO of SmartBeauty Pros, the world's first online business school for beauty professionals, specializing in teaching modern marketing. Since quitting corporate America in 2015, Yliana went on to build a 7-figure permananet makeup business and open multiple locations across NYC, having served over 2,000 clients. Yliana is now a leading industry educator and has coached over 200 beauty pros to 100k + in revenue. Are you ready to be seen and get paid?

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