Wastebits 101
Join us for our next webinar where we go over the connected digital experience powering the waste industry. Whether you are a waste generatorservice provider, or waste facility, we will cover relevant digital solutions in this live webinar. We're also here to take your questions live!​​​​​​​

  • One Digital System

    All of your waste software needs handled in one application—with analytics, fast search, and secure access from anywhere.

  • Waste Streams & Approvals

    Manage creation, communication, and expiration of approvals with our intelligent waste stream profile builder.

  • Waste Manifests

    One-click creation of manifests from your waste streams, save hours of work and collect digital signatures to speed along the process.

  • e-Manifest Compliance

    We tie into the EPA's RCRAinfo portal to submit your hazardous manifests and actually lower the fees applied by the EPA. 

  • Scale House Software

    Whether stand-alone scale house solution or integration with your existing tool, your waste data can be managed from a single application and provide unparalleled insight, access to reprints, and analytics.

  • Ryan Battles

    Webinar Host

  • David Patterson

    Webinar Host

  • Jessica Jones

    Webinar Host

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