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Integrated Health &
Detoxification with
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Sunday 16 October, 2022

New York - 9:00 AM EDT
South Africa - 3:00 PM +2 hrs GMT
Malaysia - 9:00 PM +8 hrs GMT
Sydney Australia - 11:00 PM +10 hrs GMT

Detox Protocols - FLCCC

GPMC WEBINARS brings to you yet another explosive session on Sunday, 16 October 2022 @ 9pm (Malaysia),  where you will be able to see what’s being revealed beyond mainstream news. 

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The TRUTH Empowers!  
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  • COVID-19 Disease and Vacccinations alike produce spike proteins

    The human body is being affected by these proteins and needs to be detoxified

  • Adverse Effects (AEFI) may be reversible. How can FLCCC's Detox Protocols help?

    Why do you need to detox?  How to detox?

  • Global Experts and Super Heroes Weigh In

    Experienced panelists share their wealth of experience

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  • GPMC

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  • GPMC

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    Malaysian Movement for Covid-19 Transparency


    Malaysian Association for Advancement of Functional and Interdisciplinary Medicine

  • PPIM

    Malaysian Islamic Consumer Association

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