Fire extinguishing without the use of water or chemicals

About The Webinar

How to avoid downtime in your business and secure your assets, buildings, and people in case of fire.

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At this webinar you will get 30 minutes knowledge about how you can quickly extinguish a fire with Inergen before it develops, typically in just 40 seconds.

Inergen fire extinguishing consists of elements from the air that we breathe. No water or chemicals with PFAS are used. And there is no damage and clean-ups from the extinguishing agent after a fire.

It is an effective and future-proof solution without harmful effects on the environment, valuables, buildings or people.

When you use Inergen as your firefighting solution, you can sleep well at night.

  • Agenda

    - What is Inergen?

    - Where can you benefit from using Inergen as fire protection?

    - Effective fire protection without downtime and damage to valuables

    - A sustainable and future-proof fire extinguishing method

    - Safe for humans and animals

  • The webinar is relevant for:

    - Technically responsible

    - Project managers

    - Operational managers for fire protection

    - Preventive manager at the emergency services and in the municipality

    - Fire advisor

    - IT managers

    - Sales staff at companies that work with firefighting

  • Lars Lerche

    Webinar Host, Specialist at Fire Eater, former firefighter

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