The Anatomy of a 7 Figure Medical Practice

The Ultimate System To Building A High-Profit, Low-Hassle Clinic

  • Matthew Gillogly

    Webinar Host

  • Your Growth Won't Come From More Medical Training

    Most Doctors think they need another medical seminar, more certification or just get a little bit better at the procedure. In reality, most Doctors are already outstanding. They are just missing this one little ingredient. 

  • Why 95% Of Clinics Never Scale To 7 Figures A Year

    How many different procedures do you offer? Do you offer everything to your patients or do you have a single clear path for everyone to follow? You'll discover the power of 1's to hitting 7 figures a year. 

  • How To Get Patients To Buy Without Selling

    You don't need to a killer sales person. If you system is doing the work your patients will beg to do business with you, happily. 

  • Create $25,000 In Monthly Recurring Revenue

    Do you generate 25% of your monthly revenue from recurring memberships? You'll see how one Doctor built a six figure monthly recurring revenue stream. 

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