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The 3 Secrets to Respond to
​​​​​​​a Medical Emergency at Home!

We never know when our kids might get sick or seriously hurt.  But we can be prepared...
Here's what you'll discover with me in this FREE, 60 minute live class:

  • You can be capable and confident when it matters.  As a mom you have a built-in superpower to help your kids during an emergency - I'll help you unlock it

  • Simple, practical tools you can use in your home today to prevent an emergency before it happens - and know EXACTLY how to respond if it does!

  • How YOU can help a child during an emergency, 

    even if you're worried or scared about taking action. 

  • Shannon Tripp, RN

    Mom, Pediatric ER Nurse, and creator of @shantripp with over 500k+ community members.

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