ema Tech Talk – Intro to OptConnect’s Fully Managed Wireless Solution

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In this brief webinar (approximately 10 min), Sean Horan, OptConnect’s Senior Enterprise Sales Director of Embedded Products will share details about OptConnect’s fully managed wireless solutions including ema, the first Smart Embedded Modem™. You will learn how it can help speed up your time to market with your next IoT project.

Existing embedded modems have made it possible for companies to make changes to their equipment without needing to recertify their device but have done little to solve the more complex and difficult connectivity issues involved with IoT projects like keeping a modem connected when the network is having trouble or even if a carrier goes down.

With OptConnect’s fully managed solution you can reap the benefits of end device certifications, multiple carriers, customized data plans, plug-n-play deployments, lifetime warranties, engineering and design assistance, 24x7 technical assistance, online device management platform with API integration capabilities, and so much more.

Register now to get a deeper understanding of OptConnect and ema and how it is revolutionizing managed connectivity in the Internet of Things. Learn how your organization can benefit from all of its features and receive the most robust and reliable connectivity available.

  • Sean Horan, Sr. Enterprise Sales Director – Embedded Products

    Webinar Host

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