About "The 90-Day Sprint"

A lot of people are giving attorneys advice right now. We're overwhelmed by their invites to webinars, emails about new blog posts & articles, and we're betting you're overwhelmed too! This webinar series will cut through the noise.

We've invited the professionals to speak, one at a time. Register at the bottom of the page and we'll alert you to our webinar topic each week. You can choose to join live, or just watch the recording we send you afterwards. No commitment, all the information your firm needs.

On Friday, June 19th you'll learn everything you need to know about Practice Management Technology.

Practice management applications and software has been around since the 1980s! Yet, year over year the adoption rate of this purpose built technology is only at about 50%.  If your question is "which practice management application is the best?" the answer is "it depends".

Come learn to make informed decisions! Catherine explains

  • Difference between software and applications

  • The benefits and deficiencies of practice management tech

  • Run through of typical (and non-typical) features

  • Guidelines for picking the absolute best tech for your firm

  • Ron Bockstahler

    Creator & curator of "The 90-Day Sprint" series – though ironically a long-distance runner – and CEO & Founder of Amata Law Office Suites.

  • Catherine Sanders Reach

    Catherine is currently the Director at the Center for Practice Management at the North Carolina Bar Association. She used to be the Director of the Chicago Bar Association's Law Practice Management & Technology Center.

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