About "The 90-Day Sprint"

A lot of people are giving attorneys advice right now. We're overwhelmed by their invites to webinars, emails about new blog posts & articles, and we're betting you're overwhelmed too! This webinar series will cut through the noise.

We've invited the professionals to speak, one at a time. Register at the bottom of the page and we'll alert you to our webinar topic each week. You can choose to join live, or just watch the recording we send you afterwards. No commitment, all the information your firm needs.

On Friday, June 13th we discuess how paralegals can be an important part of building your law practice.

If you're a solo or small practice attorney who think this webinar isn't for you, think again.  Amata's own Director of Legal Support Services and Senior Paralegal, Tisha  Delgado, breaks down why a ​​​​​​​paralegal drives income for your firm.

Paralegals aren't just for large practices...

  • How to create a cost-driving addition to your firm

  • Your options for flexible paralegal support

  • Why paralegals increase income for smaller firms

  • Ron Bockstahler

    Creator & curator of "The 90-Day Sprint" series – though ironically a long-distance runner – and CEO & Founder of Amata Law Office Suites.

  • Tisha Delgado

    Tisha is a senior litigation paralegal and e-discovery specialist. She is a member of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations and a founding member of the Chicago Paralegal Association.​​​​​​​

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